Thursday, April 12, 2012

Realtors, WTF Is Up With This Practice?

You know that because I am a Real Estate gadfly that I'm always looking on Craig's List for interesting houses for sale in Alameda. Something that I've noticed with the listings recently seems really uh, odd to me.

The vast majority of listings on Craig's List for houses for sale in Alameda are posted by a Realtor who is not the listing Realtor??? Now everybody who reads this blog knows that I don't have the highest regard for the integrity of the average Realtor....ahem....but this, to me, seems pretty reptile realtor-ish.

Here's a screen shot of today's listings for Alameda CA.

Just about all the purple listings are from the same realty company listing other agents houses....
I'd guesstimate that 60-70% of the listings are like this?

If you click on one of the links you get this.

This is for the most expensive house for sale in price mentioned...AND they misspelled luxuriant.....just the kind of impression you want to make with folks who can actually afford to buy a $1.8M house....

Clicking on the link in the CL add takes you here.

Which has a bunch of properties listed and really, you're not sure which one they are talking about in the add are you? Because I know the house I know its the top house for sale.

Click on that link and you get this.

Wow, lots of pics, and data and stuff that looks like its all taken from other sites.
Except that when you look at it there is no link to the official website for the house or a link to the selling Realtors web page about the house??? You have to look REALLY hard to even determine who the listing Realtor is. I'm sorry but the screen capture isn't super readable...

Sneaky or No?
To me, this looks like one Realtor trying to pass off another Realtors listing as their own?
This just seems really, really well, reptile-ish to me.
I actually spoke with the listing Realtor for the house in this example and she was NOT happy about this, especially with the incorrect English...

So, Realtor's WTF is up with this practice? Is it a legitimate uh, sales technique or what?

For me, as a potential house buyer scanning the adds this practice is a HUGE PITA. You have to weed through a bunch of crap and half information just to figure out if you're even interested in the house.
To me personally, I'm super annoyed about this practice and would never use a Realty company that practiced it.
Potential buyers, how about you?

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David_N said...

Same frustration here. Can't imagine I'd even consider using Keller & Williams after wading through all of their crap. Puts them in the bottom tier along with the fly by night scammers.

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