Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We Need Range Hood Help!

Arrrrrgh.....anybody ever look at what high end range hoods cost!?!?!
Holy freaking mackerel they are expensive...
What I love is, often you have to buy all the parts that $1600 for the hood is just for the shell of the hood...its another $1000 if you want a quiet motor option.

Because we have no common sense we want to install the 36" wide pro style stove that we've owned since 2000 in our new super tiny kitchen..don't bother trying to knock some sense into us we're doing it.

Our stove is Wolf model# R364C which you can see below acting as the worlds most expensive cookie sheet storage rack.

We are going to shoehorn it into this space currently occupied by a 30" wide stove.

The Specs
According to the manf I need a 27" deep range hood that's rated at 900cfm.
I can only use a 36" wide hood because of space issues.
I would like it to be as quiet as possible also.
The research I've done so far is pointing me to a remote mounted fan-the type that's mounted externally to the house and has the motor in the wall cap.

Because of the length of the exhaust and one elbow I will need a fan rated at more than 900cfm, 1100cfm seems to be correct.

I've been doing web searches for a while now but I'm not really finding any good hard info to help me with this. Most of the manf sites point you to a brick and mortar authorized dealer and they don't exactly tell you what its going to cost.
I also can't seem to find sone ratings for the different hoods?

Or, the range hoods you can buy online seem to be off brand (at least to me) and I have no idea if they are any good.

Can anybody help me out?


Paradox said...

Howdy :)

I don't know if you tried consumer reports yet or not, but I did a quick search through their stuff and found these links which might help you out:

Reviews (need to subscribe if you haven't already):

Prices (shouldn't need to subscribe for this one):

Best Regards!

Kitt said...

Good luck! Do post what you find out/decide. We will be in the same boat, soon. No exterior ventilation in our kitchen currently, and it drives me batty.

The MadScientist said...

Yep CR was actually the first place I checked.
They didn't review any hood wider than 30" that I could see.

Another crazy thing I'm learning...this stupid high dollar hoods don't have any loudness ratings! No sone or decibel readings!
That strikes me as total B.S.

Bror Heinola said...

If you're planning to put some serious money to the hood, have you considered custom made one? I'd think that stainless steel (or copper!) hood would look great in your kitchen and give it something extra for the money. If you need to have a remote fan in the exhaust duct the controls can basically be mounted anywhere they can be wired to, so there's no real need to get an integrated solution.

The MadScientist said...

I've looked into it and it seems like going the custom route will cost a lot more. You still buy the fan and hood insert then you pay a craftsman to build you something to fit it.
Annnnd actually, I like the looks of the Wolf Pro line hoods.

Paradox said...

No worries, and I got a quote from a Wolf/Viking dealer local to me in the peninsula (bay area), going SS and the fun toys, in case you wanted a second one:

36" Wide 24" Deep Wall Hood - VWH

Professional Series
Finish: Stainless Steel (SS)
Accent: No Brass Accent (None)
1200 CFM Exterior-Power Ventilator Kit

36 inch Duct Cover for Wall Hoods

Color: Stainless Steel
36 inch Warming Shelf Panel

Duct Silencer

Vibration Silencer

Grand Total: $3,592.00

rokahn said...

I'm currently specing a hood for a 36" pro-style range. I'll be requesting a hood with 42" width and 24" depth. See discussion of hood width (and depth) at
A deeper hood (e.g. 27") some bloggers describe as claustrophobic. The extra width should help. I plan to put it as high as possible (e.g. 72" from ground) to reduce claustrophobia

I'm leaning towards a Prestige PL42240 hood (, because it appears to provide good value at $1800 and their remote blower (e.g. RB1200_Prestige 1200CFM remote blower $1300 at AJMadison) is continuously variable rather than low/med/high (e.g. third-party remote blower like for $970). For a 36" range, I'd be fine with 900CFM blower, but I'll be passing through 4 elbows, each of which is "equivalent" to 7' of ductwork (Prestige recommends limiting effective ductwork length to 50' which I'll exceed) I might retain 1200CFM.

Some bloggers recommend Fantech LD10 silencer ($172

Good luck