Saturday, May 19, 2012

Deck Redo Issue

Okay when last we met about this subject we were trying to figure out about what to do about the metal fasteners on the deck....

Here's what I think I've learned.
Our environment does not require stainless steel fasteners for the deck.
Yes I do have to change out the dang joist hangers and here is where it gets interesting.

Just got off the phone with my local Simpson Application engineer.

She says that I absolutely can not just yank out the LUS26's and replace them with LUS28Z's...
She says that the holes are in the same places and even if I used their SD screws that the pre-drill hole would be too big! It looks like the hangers are put up with standard 10D nails and she says that's too much of a pre-drilled hole!

She wants me to use HUS26Z's which cost twice as much take twice as many nails but that the holes are in different places....dang.

So, I get a 'bright' idea and call up USP and talk to their joist hanger application engineer. I ask him if the nail holes on their version of an LUS26 are in the same place. I'm figuring they couldn't be...but no! He says with a little shame in his voice that their connectors are exactly the same!?!?!?! How could that be legal?

Then the Simpson engineer gets back to me with another option. Simpson actually makes a joist hanger that is designed to go over another hanger! Who Knew?
Its called a NRU26Z and it special order only....she could not tell me the price...but heck, if its not stupid expensive then I could just use it and not have to rip out the old ones! That'll turn a multiple day job into a half day job I bet....
We'll see what they least if I use the HUS26Z's I don't have to worry about removing the nails I can just break them off at the surface with a cold chisel and a sharp whack.

Just got an email from my local lumber yard.....guess how much the above hanger costs???
C'mon guess!?!?!?!!?

$16!?!?!?!?!? Each!!!!!!!!

Dang, guess I'm going with the HUS hanger and all the screws....hurray!!

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