Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Precision Cabinets & Trim Cabinet Quote

Okay here is the third and final kitchen cabinet quote.

Precision Cabinets
First some pretty pictures.

Here is the overview.
Looks like they got the layout right. But, they didn't do anything in the pantry nor did they recess the
fridge like we asked.

Fridge or South Wall
One thing that's different here than KraftMaid is that they can make the upper cabinets as tall as we want. Here they are 51" tall which is pretty much as exactly as tall as they could be with a 8' ceiling.

Breakfast Bar or West Wall
Sink or North Wall
Tall cabinets, decorative panels on the end looks good.

Stove or East Wall
Looks like they used the actual models for our stove/hood.
Another thing here that's different than the KraftMaid order is that they could put a cabinet over the hood where KraftMaid could not. Now, with a 10" duct running through the upper cabinet there won't be a huge amount of room but hey, its more useful than a blanked panel isn't it?

What's Their Quality Like?
Hard to tell. My questions in blue and their answers in black underline.

I need to know the exact construction details of your cabinets.

How thick is the face frame and what joinery technique is used? Face Frames are 3/4” solid wood, and Glued & pocket screwed together. This is basically the same as kraftmaid.

What are the materials and thickness of wood used in the drawer boxes? Our Wood Boxes are 1/2”, your bid is Dovetail, which is 5/8” Same as KraftMaid.

What is the joinery technique for drawer sides? Wood are Nailed & Glued Butt Joints with Groove bottom.

How thick is the drawer bottom and how is it attached to the drawers. 1/4” and sits in groove. How does this get strong enough to support heavy pots?

What is the grade and thickness of the plywood used for the cabinet carcasses? 3/4” thick Combi Core Imported Plywood, any Veneers are “A” grade on particle board core.

What is the joinery technique used for the carcasses? Nailed Butt joints with applied back. This
is not a quality long term construction method.

Finally, where do you source your wood from? We use two primary local distributors, Aura Hardwoods in San Jose, and Hardwoods in Livermore.  They get it from the mills (Washington, Oregon) etc…

Is it sustainably sourced? Yes

What's It Going To Cost?
Not as much as I thought!
$14162 including delivery and installation!?!?!?!? Dang that seems pretty good doesn't it!
A couple of things were left out of the original quote and I'm expecting them to add ~$500 to the cost.

Next Up
How do I compare all three, in a meaningful way, to pick a winner?
There are definite quality differences and DEFINITE price differences....what makes sense?
Anyone?....Anyone..??? Beullar?.....Beullar???

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