Friday, May 18, 2012

Vent Hoods Here! Gots A Problem....

Ha, when don't we.....
The new super fancy vent hood and external blower came yesterday.

Check out what $3k of venting looks least we got free delivery from Atherton Appliance.
Dang its big..and This is the smallest hood Wolf recommends for the stove too...
Bottom View
The big holes at the back are for heat lamps..I didn't want em but they come with this size automatically. From what I can tell it looks like a high quality unit.

The Wall Cap
Holy Freaking Moly this thing is huge!!! Like ten times the size of a normal wall big in fact..I'm not sure that we can use it...This is, of course, a major screw up on my part. Somehow through out this entire process I never happened to clue in on the dimensions of this thing..and nobody else bothered to mention it either...

The Situation On The Outside Of The House

Here's the existing wall vent for the stove.
I'm not even sure that's a legal install. I'm pretty sure you can't vent kitchen oders over an operable window....

Wall Area
This is all the space we have easy access to for the vent duct on the side of the house, between the two soil stacks and above the window,...doesn't look very promising does it...hurray...

But there might be a little bit of hope.
Mystery Window
This is the 'window to no where' that's actually inside the dropped ceiling in the TV room.
It looks to be almost exactly the same size as the vent...
How horrible would it look if we removed the window and put the wall vent in its place?
I'll have to check clearances but I think it will work if we make that window next to it inoperable.

Other option is to return the external blower (probably with a hefty restocking fee) and get an in-line blower and use a normal sized wall vent.

What to do, what to do. Anybody have any useful suggestions?

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