Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Simple Project- Reading Lights

Wow, it can be so nice to do a simple project that only takes like 20 min and the results are great...gotta do more of these type projects...

Reading Lights For Our Bedroom
We always read in bed for a little while before turning off the light for the night and well...when one of us wanted the light to go off before the other there was friction.

Enter the Wallace wall mounted reading light from Rejuvenation Hardware.
Rejuvenation makes good stuff...not cheap but good stuff. All made in America to order by hand. With that said I was a little bit disappointed with the quality of the lights...for what they cost they seem a little flimsy to me...that and the install directions did not match the hardware provided. But, hey, the directions where in actual English, not Chinglish, how often do you see that now a days?


One Light

Both Lights
We'll see if they pass the 'don't annoy your partner while you're reading in bed' test tonight. I have high hopes.

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