Sunday, July 1, 2012

Why You Shouldn't Build A Deck Without A Permit.

Started on the deck redo this week and what I found quite honestly frightened me...
I don't honestly know how this deck is still standing....

Here's what ~$900 in deck rebuilding supplies looks like.

First thing I did was install the new correct lag bolts into the header.
No before pics but check out this after shot.
There was slightly less than half of the bolts you see here originally.
The bolts they used for the ledger board left something to be desired...
None of these bolts where Hot Dip Galv. You can see where the 2by PT ledger was corroding the bolt. Another scary thing, check out how long the bolt is. Near as I could figure only about 3/4" of this bolt was actually in the house framing.  So, the bolt was rusting out like its its job and each bolt only had a toehold on the framing...scary.
The bottom row of lags where screwed right into the 2by6 wall framing and the uppers into blocking installed between the floor rim board unfortunately.
When you use lags in this manner you are supposed to have at least 3/4" penetrating the framing for the inspector to see. In this case the upper row of bolts didn't even penetrate the blocking.

Here's what the upper row looks like now.
On the lower row since they penetrate the wall studs there is no practical way to do this...hopefully my BI will be okay with this.

New Hangers
Here is a shot of the new hanger installed with the vycor deck protector wrap. The Simpson Application Engineer stressed this step as being really important for a long lived deck. Why don't they just figure out a coating that will last?

Super Scary Old Hangers
This is what non ZMax hangers look like after being installed for 8yrs.

Even scarier, check out the decay (and size) in the non HDG nails they used.
The nail on the left is an actual nail I pulled out of one of the hangers!
The nail on the right is the correct size of nail (10D) that is supposed to be used with the LUS26 hanger.

Tiny Nail
This is more typical of the amount of decay on the joist hanger nails.
This nail is like 1 1/4" long by about 1/8" wide.
What kind of nail is this and in what situation would this be an approproiate choice?
The Simpson catalog says that you are supposed to use 10D commons with the hanger...the nail they used is pretty far from a 10D I'd say.

Here's an exciting shot of a loooong row of hangers I did yesterday.
There was 15 of them and it took me all the free time I had in the day...gotta get faster at this.

Old, New, and Ugly
This is an interesting shot.
Fancy new hanger on the left, old decaying hanger on the right and a big double wide hanger in the middle.
This big double wide, a LUS210-2Z, is the only hanger on this entire deck that is ZMax.
They unfortunately used the tiny nails here too...there's a lot of load on this it hasn't failed already I don't know.
I'm going to replace it with a new hanger, and the correct nails, so I can do the deck wrap thing here also.

That's all I got done in a week the ledger board and about half of the hangers retro-fitted.
Man, my back is sore and so is my neck and shoulders...the bottom of the joists is at about 5'-6" and I'm 6' tall. I spent a lot of time hunched over working....

Ummmmmmmm, Scotch...

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