Monday, September 3, 2012

Halloween in July!?!?!?!!?

Another back injury post...

I guess its time for my annual rant about stores selling Halloween merchandise waaaaaaaay before
the actual holiday.

Halloween in July!?!?!?!!?! C'mon Retailers, WTF?

Below is a pick of a 'Harvest Display' I snapped at my local Safeway in July!!!
From my Haunt Nerd connections I already know that the Halloween Merch has come and gone at Costco!

Christmas in Sept!?!?!?!!?
By Sept 1st Costco had already gotten rid of their Halloween stuff and the store was filled with Christmas crap!!! In September!!

C'mon retailers! don't you understand that if the only holiday you want to celebrate is Christmas that you're shortchanging yourself on the other holidays?

Retailers, don't you understand that except for a certain tiny part of the population that people don't want to see Christmas crap for months and months?

A holiday is special partly because of the comes, its wonderful and then it goes!
Stretching out the Christmas season to 5-6 months doesn't make it more special but less.

There Ought To Be A Law!!!
Okay, lets get a citizens petition together to force retailers to stop this practice.
Who's with me! Beullar.....? Beullar....?

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