Saturday, September 8, 2012

Is This Bad?

Went downstairs the other day and noticed this....
Is this a bad thing?

Holy Freaking Mackerel There's Smoke Pouring From My Plumbing!!!

It Filled the Entire Bottom Floor With Smoke.

This is a great shot, of where the abs drain pipe for the kitchen got cracked during demo.
Spooky Ceiling
This is normal right?? Nothing to be worried about? Happens all the time???

I'm kidding of course. They where doing smoke testing of the sewers and because I forgot to plug the holes the bottom floor filled with the smoke.

Though, after this I did race through the house to make sure I had no other plumbing leaks.
I didn't.

I did go outside to see the smoke pouring from my vents though....actually all the vents were pouring smoke except for one....which never smoked....its also on the far side of the house from any I'm thinking that its abandoned.

Wish I hadn't dropped my phone after the above pics...
All the smoke pouring from my neighbors vents looked very steampunk.

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