Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Its Almost Halloween Time!

The surest sign that it is Halloweentime around Casa Madmadscientist is our annual delivery of goodies from The Oriental Trading Company or OTC as its commonly called.

Unlike past years where I was sweating the delivery and we almost didn't get it in time, this year I ordered extra early.

This is what ~$100 of candy from OTC looks like.
That's over 1200 individual pieces of candy!I always go for the wacky assortments and candy from my childhood. Pop rocks anyone? Lik-em-aid?

Here's a shot of some other stuff that was in the box.
We always need more rats, crows and fake barbwire (who is barb and why does she have a wire named after her?).This year OTC had these neat coffin with skeleton party invites that we had to get.
If you're a neighbor don't be surprised to find one of these on your doorstep.

Now, mama and daddy madmadscientist have already sampled the wares....so far toddler madmadscientist hasn't figured out whats in the box. 'Whats in the box man,...whats in the box!'
We'll be in trouble when she does, cause boy does that kid love dum-dums....

Hopefully there will even be some candy left to hand out on Halloween....

Let The Annual Holiday Weight Gain Begin!!!

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