Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kitchen Redo Day 1

This post could also be titled....
How Do I Hate The PO Of This House
Miami Vice Victorian?
These will make sense later I swear!
I started off by fixing the electrical issues with the outlets.
Issues like, hey none of the outlets are GFCI's and the electrical boxes are waaaay to far buried in the wall.
Take a look at this.

The last one is my fave...they buried the mud ring for this 2-gang outlet BEHIND the backsplash.
See, what you are supposed to do is, if you are going to be applying a 3/4" thick backsplash then you set the boxes 3/4" proud of the drywall so that they will be flush with the finished surface or use adjustable freaking boxes...
A lot of these boxes were recessed over an inch from the finished surface...
Annnd here's my super-fav part....the cutouts in the granite are wrong! They are off center and too small!! Hurray!!!
I had to grind the granite out just exactly enough to get the new GFCI outlets to fit and for the cover plate screws (on GFCI's those are on the outside edges where on regular outlets they are in the center).

Here's where I was REALLY hating the PO...I thought I had to cut/grind the granite enough to get a correct 3/4" mud ring in there...THAT would of really sucked. Luckily there are these things called 'box extenders' that made it unnecessary.

Pic of box extender

Such a simple stupid thing and I had to waste a couple of hours on it....
Now though, I think all the outlets are legal! Woo!
Now For The Deconstruction
Here's a before pic just after I'd cleaned out the cabinets.
Look how clean the kitchen is! It was just cleaned the day before.....
Odd thing #1
Take a look at the pictures below of the inside of the cabinets.

Notice anything odd? Yep, hey there's no screws screwed through the cabinet mounting blocks!?!?!
The PO screwed through the top and bottom outside edges (where the wood is thinnest) instead of using the specifically reinforced area of the cabinet???
Younk! Bye bye cabinet one.
Younk! Bye bye cabinet two.
I had to pull the range out....its never been out since we've owned the place...
Look what the range was hiding!
A missing wall section?
Here you can see another awesome buried junction box (that makes like 1000 so far in the house)!

They cut back the studs in this area to slightly recess the stove into the wall?!?!?
I'm guessing that this was because if the stove wasn't recessed the base cab on the left would be unusable...why they didn't just flip the stove and base cab on the right is beyond me...
Also, there is a gas line that goes up from here...I have no idea where in the heck it goes to....hope its not another one of the PO's random 'pipes to no-where'.
Younk! Goes the ugly base cab.
Cutting Granite
I wanted to save the last big section of granite on the wall to use as the counter top for the new smaller base cab. That meant that I had to cut it way from the rest of the backsplash.
Cutting 'Jig'
Got the granite cutting disk for my 4.5" angle grinder from one of the many, many, shady cheap Chinese granite places in Oakland...only cost $4.50...the same type of thing from Home Despot costs over $ do they do it?
The Cut.
I decided to just cut the epoxy line and live with the goofiness of the granite. I was surprised at how little dust this kicked up...until I hit the drywall underneath that is....
A Secret Surprise
Next I oh, so gingerly pry up the big piece of backsplash..lots of slowly wedging it farther and farther away from the wall...Hey, it came off in one piece! Hurray!
Hey, it took all the drywall with it!?!?!?
Hey, what's that under the drywall???
A lot of chipping away the drywall later and......
I've Got A Miami Vice Victorian!!!!!!!
Hurray!! Everybody sing the Miami Vice theme song with me.....
This wall was the original end of the house I some point somebody pulled out an original window and put this monstrosity in.
Actually for a couple of minutes I was toying with the idea of making this a 'feature'.
Like back lighting it with pink neon or something...cue theme song again....
Actually, the window is fracking hideous and has no place in a Victorian.
Unfortunately for me its EXACTLY in the way of mounting my new range hood and the new wall hung cabinet.
This is why the PO went to the outside edges of the existing miss the glass block window he was too stupid/lazy to remove....
How do I remove this freaking glass block window!?!?!?
Its gotta weigh a ton..and smashing it out with a sledge hammer (while wearing a pastel suit, stylish loafers with no socks and perfectly be-stubbled face) would be fun...I don't really want to do that with a toddler running around.
I'm stumped..any ideas?
Could I cut around it with a sawzall and remove it as one piece? I'm going to have to reframe this part of the wall anyway...?
All back together
When Mrs. Madmadscientist came home from work I told her I knew that she was such a super big fan of Miami Vice that while she was away I installed a groovy glass block 'feature' for her!
Surprise!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!
Of course this freaking glass block thing is going to totally screw over my simple kitchen redo time table....


valerie said...

That is freakin' HILARIOUS.

valerie said...

That is freakin' HILARIOUS.

The MadScientist said...

Thanks Valerie,
Thanks Valerie,