Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kitchen Redo Day 2

Yes, I know I posted 2.5 before 2.0

This post could also be titled.
The Saga Of The Too Tall Dishwasher
The Freaking PO Is Screwing Me Again

Today's goal was to swap out dishwashers, add the missing code required air gap, install the fabulous new 1HP garbage disposal, install a new faucet and drill a hole in the counter top for a soap dispenser.

Switching dishwashers should be a simple thing....slide one out, disconnect it, connect up the new one and slide it in, DONE!!! In this case, not so much....

Old Dishwasher Finally Pulled Out
You see, the problem is, the PO installed the cabinets along this run onto the sub floor. Then he added 1/4" cement board and the tiles....effectively trapping the existing DW in its place...instead of tiling the entire kitchen floor first or at least adding some plywood to bring the cabinets up he did....NOTHING!

Here's some fabu shots of me trying to figure out how to get the newer DW to fit.

See that look on my face? I've had that look a lot lately...
To get the new DW to fit I had to remove part of the padding on the top and massage a metal seam with my framing hammer! You can also see the crappy chrome plated plastic faucet in this picture.

On To The Garbage Disposal

Cabinet Before

Existing Crappy Plumbing

Whoops, gotta switch out those non-GFCI outlets under the sink!

Voila New Garbage Disposal

New Plumbing
Had to make a quick trip to Pagano's Hardware cause the P-Trap ripped in two and I need a longer tail piece.

Dead Plumbing Parts
Bye Bye

Drilling The Granite Counter Top
I was pretty worried about this, thinking that it was going to be some hard horrible thing. This turned out to me one of the easiest things about this redo so far. After watching some YouTube videos I was ready to try it.

My Drilling Tool

Don't ya love the handle? Can't find ANY of em anywhere....That's a diamond grit bit that still cost me $32 at the shady Chinese granite place...

Hole Marked And Ready To Go

Instead of using water to keep the bit cool someone suggested packing it with ice as it was less messy.

Action Shot

Hole Done

Cute Little Plug
I'm hoping that the black on the bit is just burned wood from cutting all the way through the granite and plywood underlayment....I'm hoping I didn't cook the bit...
Giant Mess....

Soap Dispenser Installed

Done Shot
We can't believe how much nicer the new faucet makes the kitchen look. It took me like 2hrs to pick
out this faucet. I had to call several manf to ask them, 'What exactly is this faucet made out of?' I wanted a solid brass faucet and NONE of the manf I talked to make em anymore! At any price point! All the high end faucets where 'all metal' but the metal was some sort of amalgam and they couldn't tell me what was in it...these are faucets that retail for like $600!?!?!  I got the guy at Pfister I was talking to to tell me which older discontinued models were made that way...then I found one at Amazon! Heavily marked down cause it was a discontintued model.

This shot also shows the new SS outlet covers we bought.

Some exciting pics of more SS outlet covers.

Next Up, What to Do With The Glass Block???


Auntie Sue said...

If you send the round granite plug to Uncle Dave, he will make a nice cabochon necklace for Irene!

Anonymous said...

Can you divulge the all-brass faucet model to another Alamedan?

Thanks, Neal

The MadScientist said...

Yep, heres the link to the amazon page for it.
hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Help, it did. Installed yesterday and it looks and works great. THANKS! -Neal