Friday, September 21, 2012

Kitchen Redo Day 2.5

This post could also be titled
Electrical Schmectrical

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate the PO of this house? How many countless hours I'm spending un-F'ing this guys work?
There's even a song that goes along with it. 'Hate em, hate em, hate em, hate em all day long...Heh! hate em hate em hate em, this is the hate em song, Heh!' Its catchy, trust me, if you catch me on the street I'll even sing it for you!

So, one of the things my code enforcement officer specifically pointed out was the lights on the arch over the breakfast bar. He said that they are 12VDC lights and that he couldn't find the transformer anywhere.....I was secretly hoping that they were really 120VAC lights and he was just mistaken....not so much....

Here's what they look like with me just taking one down

Check out the look on my face when I looked up into the hole.

Cause this is what I saw.

Yanked out

This is my fav, that's safe right?

This is what I felt like after I had em all pulled out.

So here's the crazy thing (ya just one) these holes were wired for 120VAC. But instead of putting in ceiling boxes and 120VAC lights they put in the outlets and the transformers and all of this mess.....

So, out go the lights, the transformers and in go the old work ceiling boxes.

Except that the arch was built too narrow on the inside dimension to fit old work boxes!!! Hurray!!
I had to break out my chisels and remove some of the wood to get each box to fit! Hurray!!!

Here's how they look all correctly installed and waiting for the new lights.

We decided to get some nice pendant lights (from Amazon, YAY free shipping, Booo on sales tax)...that don't really match anything else in the entire kitchen or entryway.....

Next up Kitchen redo day 2.0...or, 'The tale of the too tall dishwasher.....'

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