Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kitchen Redo Day 3

Started off with a simple fun job, installing the new lights in the breakfast bar.
Don't they look purty?
We really love them over the craptastic IKEA puck lights. We really like the quality of the light and are using them way more than we used the old lights.

Then, onto the glass block window.

Bi Bi Window!

Using my HF sawzall I cut the nails holding it to the framing.
Here's a shot of it mostly removed.
There's always one nail holding up the works.

The nail let go slightly unexpectedly and BOOM the window fell to the floor.
Missing the dolly that I had put there...
I was sure it was going to crack or crack the tile floor but both survived pretty well.
When the window hit the floor it made a very loud boom and kinda shook the house...Mrs. MadMadScientist hobbled downstairs to make sure I was still alive...I haven't put it on a scale yet but I'm pretty sure it weighs like 7000 pounds....

The glass block is fine, the wooden frame for it didn't fare so well...
 We plan on turning it into a table for the garden...with pink neon lighting of course.

And then magically the wall was done!!!
Ah, don't I wish...
Here's a shot of me putting up the blocking for the cabinets-hood and furring so that the drywall can actually be screwed to the studs!
After all that blocking and furring I'd be pretty hard to miss the wood..I hoped.

Here's a shot of me mixing up the Easy Sand 45.
This was a mistake and I knew it when I was doing it but this is all we had at the house...
I should of used Easy Sand 90 cause you get an honest 45min working time...with the 45 you really only get 20min...

Sorry, sometimes I get in these moods where I don't want to take pictures I just want to get the stuff done...I still need to go over my horrible mud job with a wet sanding sponge and through a couple of coats of primer on the wall. Luckily almost this entire area will be covered with cabinets and back splash so my sins will be hidden.

Ode To My Bucket Boss
 I always thought that they were silly till I used one.
Turns out they are super handy and I'm really enjoying using it.
Ton's of pockets for everything and they are all handy and right there.

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