Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why Being A Landlord Is Awesome Part 2

and now back to our regularly scheduled goofiness....

I Love Having Tenants!!!

One of our tenants knocked on the back door the other day all a flustered.
'I'm sorry I broke your sprinkler.'
'I broke your sprinkler. Here's a replacement.'
'Uh, okay....'

I went to take a look at our sprinkler...this is what I found...
I stood there for like five minutes...I still have no idea how the tenant managed to do this...
The sprinkler was on the grass in its 'sprinkle position'...The tenant must of ran it over with
her car???
Why the car was on the grass is beyond me....

Yay tenants!!!!!

next up: Kitchen, Kitchen, Kitchen


Anonymous said...

Hey, your tenant bought a replacement sprinkler. My tenants burned the sprinkler and the hose in a fire pit.

Steve S.

The MadScientist said...

Wow Steve,
Hope you got rid of those tenants.
I don't think mine will try to pull something like that as I live here and its kinda hard to pull something like that off without me seeing it.