Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloweentime- Spooky Night Time Shots

Okay wow, where to start...so, so many pictures...

From the Sidewalk Shots

Spooky Pumpkins

Spooky Props

Victoria Made Her Month Long Appearance
Along with the singing pumpkins.

Next up, party, party, party!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloweentime- Daytime Shots

Okay here's a collection of the house all decorated up for Halloween.
Daytime Halloween Shots.

Here's An Overall Shot
We went with a twistier path this year than last.

The entrance

When you started up the path you are greeted by this grim reaper.

With a Nasty Surprise
He jumps up quite a bit and extends his hands and makes a bloodcurdling scream.

Past the reaper there is a more kid friendly spot.
With kid sized hay bales and magic singing pumpkins.
Holy friggen mackerel was getting those pumpkins to sing and look good doing it

Here's a hint to how it was done.

When you exited the hay bale area this guy went into action.
He was on a motion sensor and as you left the singing pumpkins he would start twitching and screaming for help! He is being eaten alive by spiders after all...

Following the path you come to this creepy guy.
We call him our 'ground breaker pumpkin zombie'. He scared a lot of folks too....
That foam chain lived a hard life...its pretty much going to be all zip ties by the end of next year...

As you exited the path to get your candy this gag was triggered.
The kid screams for help and you hear creepy spider noises...the kid also twitches subtly...
This gag was probably the most disturbing for the parents.....

Where the statue is in this photo is where the kids got their candy.
On Halloween night the statue was replaced by grandma in her 'white witch' costume.
Then it was off to the side to talk to bob and see this gruesome scene.
That spider is eating our lazy gravedigger slappy!
Slappy could be heard snoring quite loudly.
When I asked people if they could hear him they would bend down to listen and then...

They got a big surprise!
This spider caused a lot of folks to go running from the graveyard!
The exit and our canned food collection box.
This year was not as great as last years canned food drive. We only got like 600 pounds of canned
goods for the Alameda Food Bank...

Even the Scarecrow is having some trouble with spiders!
The scarecrow had an extra surprise this year..a 13" throw double acting pneumatic cylinder
got him moving and shaking like he was trying to break free....
This guy caused a small bit of controversy...We have some VERY religeous neighbors who
tried to be upset with me over what they thought was 'Anti Christian' overtones with the scarecrow!
They thought that because it looked like he was 'on the cross' that it was an anti-christian dig....
Seriously, how do people come up with these things? Have they not ever been to a farm and seen
a scarecrow? Aren't they all put up like this? Anywho I told em it wasn't a cross but a T and it was
just a Halloween decoration and nothing else......they seemed to buy it....

Nice shot of one side of the graveyard from the sidewalk.

Next Up Spooky Night Time Shots!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Final Code Enforcement Permit Signed Off!!!!

Yay!!!!! Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Baby Jeebus!!

Just had the inspection for our last code enforcement permit.
With less than two weeks left in the permit before it expires I was sweating bullets...
If you go past the hard one year deadline they can relevy all the fees-fines and what not!
If the inspector found something really wrong Halloween could of been canceled!!!
I would of had to drop everything and get it all finished....thank goodness that didn't happen.

Picture of Finaled Permit
Man it feels really, really, really good to get this done...
This was not a gift by no means..the inspector looked at everything!!

Steak and red wine for dinner tonight!!

And of course,
Halloween Is Not Canceled!!!

Here's how to kill your bad back.
Race around fixing your kitchen.
Then, race around getting your house ready for your favorite holiday.....

Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Time Set Up

This year we had some helpers!
Some friends who don't live where there are ANY trick or treaters (TOTS) volunteered to help decorate the yard! Hurray!! Help!!!


Helping With The Pumpkin Vines

Practicing Trick Or Treating

Decorating The Yard
This year spiders invaded the pumpkin patch...

Spooky Graveyard

Decorating The House

Baby Madmadscientist Keeping A Watchful Eye

Or Not

More Spiders!

Well that was the first day of setup...it went pretty well and with the help we got a lot done.

Next up....all done!