Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Final Code Enforcement Permit Signed Off!!!!

Yay!!!!! Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Baby Jeebus!!

Just had the inspection for our last code enforcement permit.
With less than two weeks left in the permit before it expires I was sweating bullets...
If you go past the hard one year deadline they can relevy all the fees-fines and what not!
If the inspector found something really wrong Halloween could of been canceled!!!
I would of had to drop everything and get it all finished....thank goodness that didn't happen.

Picture of Finaled Permit
Man it feels really, really, really good to get this done...
This was not a gift by no means..the inspector looked at everything!!

Steak and red wine for dinner tonight!!

And of course,
Halloween Is Not Canceled!!!

Here's how to kill your bad back.
Race around fixing your kitchen.
Then, race around getting your house ready for your favorite holiday.....

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Gene Anderson said...

woohoo! congrats on passing the final permit!