Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloweentime- Visit To A Pumpkin Patch

First off in this much belated batch of Halloweentime pictures...a visit to a pumpkin patch!

Pumpkin Patch Visit
Where baby madmadscientist and friends get to pick pumpkins to carve and have a lot of fun.

We went to the Clayton Valley Pumpkin Patch.

Baby Madmadscientist Picking Out A Winner

On The Prowl For More Pumpkins

So Tall!!!

Lots Of Cute Photo Op Spots

But The Daddy's Get To Cart Around The Spoils
Don't we look happy?

The pumpkin patch has a lot of things to entertain kids.

Like Animals

And big pools full of dried beans?

Water Games

Inflatable Horses

Kettle Corn....lots and lots of kettle corn...

A train ride, and chocolate milk!


And a family portrait

Fun was had by all...with  a little bit of upset tummy's from all the kettle corn....

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