Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kitchen Redo Day Uh, 4,5,6......

Kitchen Redo Day, Whatever....

Okay so, I've been a bit remiss in getting stuff up about the kitchen...
Here in pics is the last bit of work I had to do to finish it.

This post could also be titled.
The One Where I Constantly Screw Up

So here's a couple of things I've learned about myself...I am not a granite fabricator by a loooong
shot....Also, not a great idea to order stainless steal sheet metal gets tweaked in shipping....

Where to start where to start....How bout with our fancy pants Wolf Range, where to start...I gotta say that for the  money one of these things costs its install and manual were really, really, really lacking....The manual read like it was the mixture of two different versions of install instructions, both written by non native English speakers, that were kinda mixed together without any proof reading....the 'diagrams' are tiny and of a poor quality as to not show any useful detail. My fav thing was that the same diagram purporting to show the same method of installation was actually very different on two separate pages!

Here's the dumb thing installed on the wall.

That electrical box on the upper right? That's how the instructions wanted it done!?!?!?
Closer look.

Then you bring the wires in.

From the inside it looks like this.
Every other hood I've installed the electrical comes into the back of the hood. Out of site...what's up with this. One set of wires is coming from the panel the other is to power the remote blower.

Instead of having the remote blower hard wired there is an outlet in side the hood.

Then you run the wires from this outlet into the box.

So, I spent a lot of time like this.

Which is really, really dangerous because the inside of the hood looks like this.
To do any work you have to get your head up there and you neck presses against that sharp metal edge...I felt like I was one sneeze away from a slit throat the entire time...

Yay Scaffolding!
Next was setting up the scaffolding borrowed from Casa de Crepit.
They had two stages of 3' wide scaffolding they got at Harbor Fright...first time in my life I'm actually trusting my life with a HF product...To be safe I bolted the scaffolding to the wall in 4 places. It was rock solid....but with a lack of safety rails.

Mugging for the camera.

Back to work prepping the window for the exterior ventilator.
I scraped off all the old paint and cleaned it up and put on two coats of a quality primer before I installed the blower.

Blower on wall
Almost the exact correct size! Had to fluff out the bottom a bit. I chose to raise the blower up so that it wasn't blowing 'right' on the window sill.
Its not all that loud outside. With the blower on high the loudest thing is the damper kinda vibrating.

Boo Venting!
With the blower and hood installed it was time to connect em with ducting.....
Holy friggen mackerel was this the opposite of fun...
In this area we have a dropped ceiling and the 10" smooth wall ducting had to be run through this ceiling.

Here's the roomy side looking out toward the now removed window.
By roomy I mean that there was 2.5'.

The other half of the dropped ceiling was only 2'....and full of old rat droppings.
It was hot, dusty, crowded and MAN was I grumpy for the two days it took me to
do this, so grumpy!
Sorry, no awesome pics of ducting.

Cept for this one.
That's 26 gauge 10" smooth wall galv ducting. Attached with 4 screws and real duct tape.

Here's a shot of the hood all installed!
Check out those giant heat lights in the back! We'll probably never really use em but without them being there, there is two huge holes in the hood that look kinda fugly.

The last two pics show a couple of screw ups. The back splash is creased from shipping..and I thought it would go away on install... The writing on the sheet does not seem to want to come off!
Annnd, I had to cut the hole in the ceiling a lot larger than the duct and I'm not sure how to finish it off.

Thought I would finish off the sink cabinet with a water proof liner and a nice slide out shelf for all of
our cleaning chemicals.

Cept that the shelf is just slightly too big.
So I used my HF multi-master to make a cut and it fit.

I hoped the cut was going to be invisible with the cabinet door closed.
No such luck.

The new from Costco cabinets I installed.

Where to start with bout, 'Nice color Match!'
I forgot that the new cabinet doors are full overlay where the old ones are not..which means I don't
think that I can install the old crown moulding on the uppers.
On the lower cab I forgot to get toe kick moulding to match.

I am not a granite fabricator
Check out the awesome gaps on the back splash and counter top.

I'm told real granite fabricators leave less than a razor blades thickness in their joints...
I've been told to buy two part epoxy and color it to match to fill the gaps and then blow
granite dust onto the wet epoxy to color it...

But honestly...
Now its fixed! I don't even see the gaps anymore....

Check out this awesome electrical outlet.
I screwed up mult ways here.
First, that's the wrong type of box. Not the kind you can screw mud rings too.
So, I made my own mounts in the mud ring and voila a two gang box becomes
a single GFCI outlet. Except the hole in the granite is sized for the double outlets...
That's a clear scuff guard making up for the shortfall.
Had to only use one for box fill issues and for code there HAD to be one outlet here...
Hey, it works and is pretty handy actually..just fugly...I'm told I it might be possible to buy an outlet cover that's big enough to cover the hole...we'll see.

And finally...
Here's the done picture.

Notice anything missing?
Yep, our big glorious stove might not fit....
Well, it will fit but then the fridge doors might not be able to open more than half way......

Next up, the code enforcement inspection.....


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