Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Night!!

So after hours and hours and hours of decorating, lots and lots and lots of tweaking and fixing it was finally Halloween night...
Annnnnnnnnnnd It Friggen Rained!
And rained and rained and rained...a steady drizzle-downpour all night...the night before and the
the night after, warm and sunny...but Halloween night..CRAPPY Weather!

Soggy Halloween Night Shots.

We of course Had Trick Or Treaters

Wow, those are actually the only shots I can find of TOTs....dang, how'd that happen?

Before the rain we got to do a little neighborhood trick or treating.

I think everyone knew it was going to rain that night so the TOTs started waaaaay earlier than last
year. I had to give up the trick or treating to 'man the gates' as we were getting inundated.

Our Awesome Band Of Halloween Helpers.
Some came the days before, some stayed all night in the rain!! All of them were awesome and we
seriously owe them all....a steak dinner!

Skeleton Man Mat

Who willingly lied down on the wet grass to scare people....

Our actors and helpers

The End Of The Night Crew

The Madmadscientists'
Wet, Tired, Cold, But still Happy.

High Five Grim Reaper!!! On another successful Halloween.
Which reminds me...
See that candy on the ground? The grim reaper scared a grown man so much that he dropped his
bag of candy that he was collecting for his kid who was too scared to that!

Next Up, Day of the Dead

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Auntie Sue said...

Thanks for posting these pictures---they're great! Looks like the rain didn't keep everyone (or is that ANYONE) away! Happy after-Halloween!