Monday, November 5, 2012

HVAC quotes...Its going to cost HOW MUCH!

The other day when I was at Costco buying Halloween party supplies I saw an ad for Costco HVAC services!
Call the number!
Get a free quote!!!
I thought, well, the refi just went through we have some extra cash in the budget...why don't I call the number and get a pro out here to look at my plans for the various heating units and see what it would cost.
Now, at this point I have never ever in my life paid an HVAC pro to do anything for me..I honestly had no idea what it would cost.

Remember, I've already paid an actual HVAC designer to actually design out three systems. One for the basement apartment, one for the main floor of the house, and one for the top two floors of the house. So, that parts already been done, should save me some cash no??? NO....

The HVAC company estimator was exactly on time, I handed him the three separate sets of plans and we walked around the house to look at the various places where the equipment will be installed. He said that the type of system proposed is a pretty standard install for them..(I had my doubts about this...). He told me he'd get back to me the next day with the costs....

Well it took many more days than that but I just got the quotes today......
All I can say is, 'WOW!!'
More expensive than I could of imagined....

Here's a scrubbed version of their bid.
Yep, that's right, those numbers are not misprints.
$13,430.00 for the one and $15,780 for the other!
That's a whopping $29210 for quality heat...

But wait theres more...the top floor still....


RE: Installation of  (1) new Lennox EL296 variable-speed furnace equipped with a 5 year parts and labor warranty and a 20 year warranty on the heat exchangers only.  Scope of work includes the following:

  1. Remove and recycle (1) existing furnace.
  2. Supply and install new furnace in same attic location.
  3. Fabricate and install new sheet metal transition.
  4. Supply and install AC coil.
  5. Supply and install 10’ section of WireFlex duct work from furnace to existing boot.
  6. Supply and install PVC flue and condensate drain with acid neutralization kit.
  7. Tie into existing gas line and electrical for furnace.
  8. Supply and install new gas flex.
  9. Supply and install (1) Honeywell Redlink digital programmable thermostat.
  10. Pull permit and perform complete system start-up.
TOTAL: $5363.00

Option: Subtract for Lennox SL280 variable speed furnace– 80% efficient furnace.  -$1167.00

Option: Add for installation of condensing unit (outdoor), line set, lightweight pad, electrical connections at AC unit only, pressure test, system charge and start-up. (Excludes electrical from panel to condenser location.)     $6730.00
Note: furnace qualifies for the following rebates:
Workers’ Association Rebate:  $190.00
Costco Cash Card: (See Schedule).
Note: Lennox furnace is a 44,000 BTU unit.
Excludes: Title 24 drawings (if required by City.).

Well now that's a total of $34573!!!!

I honestly had no idea that it would cost that, just wow...
I looked up the cost online for the top floor job and its only about $2k in materials delivered....
The material cost for both downstairs units is going to run less than $5k!!!

So, guess what we're going to do?
Yep, be our own HVAC contractor also...hurray!!
Sheet metal cuts all around!!!

One thing that was funny was that in the upper floor quote the estimator originally had a 60kBTU unit in place...even though the design called for a 43kBTU unit! When I called him on it he said, 'Well, you don't want to be cold do you?' Well then what's the design for if you're just going to ignore it and go with rules of thumb?

So, we could either have heat, an exterior paint job or a new roof in spring...cause we're not going to have the spare cash to pay a pro to do more than one...


Anonymous said...

Okay, that's insane. Just had a similar install through Costco for about a third the price of just one of your furnaces. I think your subcontractor is doing some serious padding of those numbers. Get another independent quote. Like with many home renovations, prices vary widely, and you're not necessarily getting better quality for higher prices.

The MadScientist said...

Well Anon,
I agree on getting mult quotes.
The estimator from the first company did agree with me that, that was a crazy amount of cash to spend on heating systems! He says hes going to rework the quote with a system that 'he would put in his house for his family',
We'll see I guess....

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't even bother with that first estimator. I had one of those exact same furnace models installed this year through Costco for a third the price you're being quoted. (It was on par with other quotes I received.)

He's WAY over-pricing you. Probably hoping that if he comes down 50% in price you'll think it's a huge bargain, but in reality you'll still be over-paying.

Run away.

Anonymous said...

This may be a little late but I have to agree that price is insane. I had a brand new Central heating system installed in my house (1100 sq. ft) for about $6,500, permits included. I also live in the bay area so I would expect costs to be similar per floor of your house, if not less.

Anonymous said...

The local Atlanta company that represents Costco makes false claims on SEER, how they build it out and top load pricing, thinking we are stuipid enough to fall for the fact that Costco rebate card and 2% if an executive member should be icing on the cake, NOT, a net out of SAVINGS! I purechased my system from Casteel instead of Costco and saved thousands.