Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Simple Project- Reading Lights

Wow, it can be so nice to do a simple project that only takes like 20 min and the results are great...gotta do more of these type projects...

Reading Lights For Our Bedroom
We always read in bed for a little while before turning off the light for the night and well...when one of us wanted the light to go off before the other there was friction.

Enter the Wallace wall mounted reading light from Rejuvenation Hardware.
Rejuvenation makes good stuff...not cheap but good stuff. All made in America to order by hand. With that said I was a little bit disappointed with the quality of the lights...for what they cost they seem a little flimsy to me...that and the install directions did not match the hardware provided. But, hey, the directions where in actual English, not Chinglish, how often do you see that now a days?


One Light

Both Lights
We'll see if they pass the 'don't annoy your partner while you're reading in bed' test tonight. I have high hopes.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Call Ya Don't Want To Get When On Vacation...

So we took a little family vacation to Monterrey for just a couple of days.

We where having dinner with some friends when we get a call from our friend who is watching our cats....
 'Um....there's water coming from the ceiling in the dining room.'
 'Wha, wha, what!?!?!?!? How much water?'
 'Well, the floor is wet everywhere, your table cloth is wet and theres like an inch of water in the basement...'

So a frantic call to the tenant whose apartment is right over our dining room to try to figure out what the hell is going on. I get ahold of her and here's her story...

She was filling up a watering can for her plants in the kitchen sink and got distracted and forgot about it...The watering can was being overfilled and the water was pouring out of the spout onto the counter tops...By the amount of water this must of been happening for a couple hours...how this could happen is beyond me. Its a 450sq ft two room studio apartment for Pete's sake...hurray for tenants!!!
She had mopped up all the water in her apartment and then without telling anybody taken off for the day...wonder where she thought all that water went?


Our very nice friends mopped up the water in the dining room and put buckets under the drips, bless their hearts.

Here's the view that greeted us when we got home.
I guess the floor looks cleaner...

Shot looking at the stove.

The towel that we put under the stove was sopping, sopping wet...unfortunately the stove with liquor cabinet on top weighs like 4 million pounds so our friends were not able to move it. They did turn a fan on to help dry out the area. I hope the floor under here is not F'd up....

Is there damage?
I don't know yet. It looks like the bulk of the water ran along the back side of our lathe/plaster ceiling dripping through what ever holes it could find, the light canopy, maybe some cracks in the plaster. But the bulk of the water seems to of run along the ceiling and down through the walls and into the basement.

There is a pretty good size bubble in the paint in the ceiling.

Some more smaller bubbles.

There are some random cracks in the plaster that I don't think where there before.

The brown staining on the wall here is where some of the water seeped through.

Gotta get rid of that Trader Joe's Cinnamon broom I think its long past its useful life...

And there you have it....