Tuesday, December 17, 2013

We Finally Found Something Cool In Our Walls

Nope, not old half drunk miller-lites.

An old ad from Alameda Municipal Power for electric ranges.

Check it out
Click on the pic to read the breathless ad copy.
They even used double exclamation points!! Yahooo!!

Some awesome quotes;
'all recipes turn out far better, far tastier, Local women tell us so.'
'Last spring electric rates in Alameda were reduced to 1c k.w.h.'
Wow, can you imagine only paying one cent a kilo-watt-hr.

The back page of the ad uses peer pressure.
I wish our house was featured in an ad like this. That way we could
see what the place looked like back in the day.
We still have not been able to locate any pictures of our house in its
original shape....

I found this ad while taking care of the dry rot issues. It was just inside the wall.

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Question We Get Asked

over and over and over and over.....

'What color you going to paint your house?'

Well, we did find the original colors. The body was a dark plum, the windows a light green
and the trim a tan color....

Possible Paint Colors.
See any favorites?
We want the body of the house to be purples, the trim to be silvery greys, and possibly the windows being very dark purple.

Quick, get your votes in now!

Making Halloween

We had several make-parties at our place the first couple weekends of October.
We really didn't have a hard set theme except that 'skeletons invade the pumpkin patch'.

We have boxes and boxes and boxes of skeletons, both human and animal and many, many
bags of random bones.

The folks that came over to help got this direction, ' See those bones there? Make something cool out of them!'

Our last pumpkin

We picked them all, 8 in all, for the kids to decorate.

Even got someone to untangle the 'pumpkin vines'.

Artists hard at work.

It ended up being a loooong day, ahem....

Art Harder!

Annnd the young'uns lasted about an hour before it was tea time.

This piece ended up being one of the coolest. Like a pre-historic dragon skeleton or something.

Trying to figure out the front yard....I have to be the man with the plan...

Bony chandelier making.
That's a couple weekends of fun/work.
We got to eat pizza at the end of every work day so, you know, it was
totally worth it.....

Next Up:
All Done Halloween Decoration Pictures!

Super Duper Victorian Exterior Restoration part 2

Okay now, a ton of time has passed since the last post about the exterior restoration.
We are now done with the Jasco'ing, and mostly done with the sanding.
The dark spots you see are where we sealed nail holes with the epoxy.

Now, Tons O Pics Of the Most gorgeous Wood That's ever going to be covered by paint.

 Dentil, how do I love thee.

Here is the porch ceiling in the middle of being sanded.

 The porch ceiling looks so amazing that we are going to clear coat it.
It sees no weather and no direct sunlight so it should look good and last.

At some point in the houses life the redwood trim was removed on the lower
windows and they put up knotty pine.
We replaced all the crap wood with clear western red cedar. Which we
think is as close as you can get to old growth redwood now-a-days.

Love these shingles.

Here is some dry rot we are repairing on the corner of the stage between the two windows.

Original flashing, still in good shape.

Wow, I really love how this looks.

So, there you have it, way to many pictures of my house.

Youch, my arms are tired...