Friday, January 18, 2013

A Built In Pipe Organ?

The Pipe Organ Madness Continues

Today I went into SF to look at the free built in pipe organ! Yay-Hurray!!!
In the Clist add the organ looks like this.
Doesn't that look amazing? Loove the wood work and the big metal pipes..
You can see it here and it appears to be still complete and in place...

Here's another shot from the ad of the console.

Here's what it looked like today when I went to go look at it...

The main pile of glop.

There appears to be some rather large wood pipes here. The ones on the bottom are probably 8" square and maybe 8' long.

 The console was upstairs.

 Its a Hinners!!!

Also up stairs where what appeared to be two, two rank wind chests with their tracker mech totally trashed...

This is the top side of the wind chest in the pic above.
The blower was still there.
I was told that before the demo the blower did work...though apparently nobody tried to play the organ
before it was no one could tell me if it was in working condition before removal...

A set of metal pipes.
I didn't count them but it looks like 61.

A set of small wood pipes.

The big gold pipes from the clist ad picture.

I honestly can't tell if these are real or not. If they are fakes they look real. The ends look like they're ready to go into a wind chest. They probably are not real but who knows.

So, it looks to me like any historical value was destroyed when it was removed...
The track mech and wind chests are pretty completely trashed.

I think maybe the only thing worth while would be to get the real pipes and the fancy wood work they were mounted on and possibly that big blower....

I had dreamed about carefully un-building the organ and installing it in my house but that just seems impossible now.

What to do what to do....

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Jacob Gould said...

Those gold pipes look like they are real because they have the lips inside them, so they should speak. Or that could be the flash against the metal, but those do look real.