Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Commercial Self Playing Pipe Organ

Okay, so in my crazy quest to build my own mini self playing pipe organ I am of course perusing Craig's list for ANYTHING cheap that I can use to further that aim.

I came across an ad for an 'Alan Pell Auto Organ'.
To the interwebs to do some research.
I couldn't find the exact product on their website but what I did find is...

Called the seller who refused to give me a price, WTF?
But I was intrigued so went to take a look at it.

Doesn't it look cute?
Its got 27 pipes, some reed and some flue.

It even has a snare drum!

We plugged it in and it worked!

This is the back side of it.
Check out the selection of songs and the awesome modern electronic interface...
This thing is serious vintage early 80's tech at best.

The back folds down so you can peek inside.
Wow, I think each card stores several songs.
Very low tech. No midi no easy expandability...just an interesting oddity I guess.
I was hoping that this was one of the newer models with MIDI so that I could use this as a base for my pipe organ and just add pipes....
Well, besides the fact that the seller was very disconnected from reality on what it was worth, the darn thing did not sound good.
I don't know if it needed to be tuned or what but even the quality of the sound was unattractive to me.
It sounded thin and shrill.

After looking at the manufacturers website and seeing the prices for a build your own model and hearing this one in the flesh I'm more convinced than ever that I can make something that sounds a lot better for A LOT less money.

And so the craziness continues.

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