Monday, February 11, 2013

Clever Under Deck Bicycle Storage?

We've recently just realized that if we ever (ahem) get the basement apartment finished and rented out that all the 'stuff' we store down there has to go somewhere else...
Que me spending the next couple of days going through all of our giant piles of stuff to see what we can keep, toss, sell...hellooooooo Craigs List!

What I'd like to figure out is how to cleverly store our bicycles and yard tools under our deck.
That way we can free up the space in the garage to store the building supplies currently stored in the basement.


Yard Tools

We've got these big deep pockets on the driveway side formed by the decks super-structure.

One immediate problem is, is that the dang deck is too low to hang the bikes vertically.

They'll fit at roughly a 45 deg angle though.

Which brings to mind this kind of bike rack.

The commercially available outdoor bike storage sheds leave a lot to be desired.

We have no access from the top, we hate plastic, and I trying to avoid crawling under the deck to get the bikes out. The joists are EXACTLY at the right height for us to bonk our heads on just about EVERY freaking time we're under there. A couple of times I've bonked my head so hard I actually saw stars...I think I even saw the little yellow birds tweeting around my head ala classic Warner Bros. cartoons....

The Design Challenge
Somehow make use of the depth of the 'deck pockets' to store bikes, strollers, bicycle trailers in a safe, secure, weather tight way. Where we will not have to hunch over and walk under the deck to dig our bikes out.

I've pretty much got nothing....
Except build something that will hold the bikes like this.
But then the entire rack pulls out into the free 'no head bonking' air space.

Anybody else have any ideas?



Anonymous said...

Just store them under the deck on their tires and pay your kid (when old enough) $1 each to get them out for you.

- From someone with an old victorian, a low basement where bikes are stored, and a formerly-lumpy forehead.

Anonymous said...

We store them in the garage, on hooks mounted to the wall to save space.