Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I mean really, really, really, Gross!!!!!!!!!

I'm going in for a minor medical procedure on Friday which is going to put me on my back
and out of the remodeling game for at least a week.
So I don't feel like a total slug I've been scurrying around the house trying to get as much stuff
done as possible before that.

I was going to store some stuff in the bathroom downstairs that I cut the water to a while ago.
When I opened the door I found this.

Warning, really, really, really, repulsive.
I mean it, no kidding, repulsive.

Yep, that's poop.
It smells so bad that I almost lost my lunch at the sight/smell of it.
Then of course, because I'm a sadist, I went and got my camera and took pictures of it.
And shared it with the world!

Any volunteers to clean the bathroom???


valerie said...

Um. How did that HAPPEN?

The MadScientist said...

Burrito night!
Honestly I have no idea...the waters been off to that bath for months and I havent opened that door in several months either.
If this was a cheesy 70s/80s horror movie I'd say that a CHUD tried to crawl out of the sewer?
Maybe a giant sewer monster poked a tentacle out looking for something tasty to eat?

Ragnar said...

Clogged sewer backup!
If the pipes are clogged under the house or going to the street. the laws of physics will force anything that enters the drains above back out through the lowest opening in the house.

Believe me, this is tame! What about a 6-storey apartment building with a trail of brown leading from a ground floor bathroom into the hallway? Or actually BEING in there, suddenly noticing the water rising in the toilet bowl? Happened to me at my old office!

The MadScientist said...

We did have 23 people over here for the holidays...maybe they all flushed at once?
Stupid physics....