Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Descent Into Madness Continues

Pipe Organ Madness That Is....

Got a call yesterday from the owner of the house with the built-in pipe organ I posted about before.
He's decided that he'll let me come cherry pick the pipe organ bits strewn about the house!!!!!
Yay Hurray!!!!
Well, the price was right so off we went. I was able to CON-vince a friend into helping...thank the gods as I would not of been able to carry all the stuff we got.

Another in the apparently ongoing series of, 'Look how much crap I stuffed our little truck with!'

Truck Full Of Free Pipe Organ Stuff

Some of these pipes are just monstrous. I'm talking like 8' long and 8" square.
If I ever get those working the sound is going to be thunderous.

WOW! there is a lot more than I thought...a lot more.
There appears to be four different types of pipes, two wood and two different types of metal.

Big Stack of Wood Pipes

I dig how some of them are mitered.
All of these pipes are new to me.
The wood pipes are stamped with MEL and ST. DIA.

Like the patent stamp on this one.
I think that means that they are Melodia and Stopped Diason?
The ST. DIA pipes sound amazing I think..better than the Melodia.
This means I now have two sets of wood Melodia pipes...

Metal Pipes!

There are some truly itty-bitty pipes. So small that you think they couldn't possibly be real.
But wow when you blow into them...they are real and VERY high pitched.
These pipes are made out of very soft lead. The stupid monkeys who dismantled the organ tweaked a lot of them...I hope its somehow possible to untweak them.
This makes me so mad, before the monkeys came along they were sealed up in a wall so they were probably in perfect shape....arrrrrrrrgh!

We also were able to save a fair amount of the facade pieces.
Here are my two favorite pieces.

Coolest thing is that these are functional bits of the organ.
Their are  air passages in them!


There were pipes on these things that played! How cool is that?

More facade pieces
There is some nice trim in there.

The across the street neighbor came over to chat while we were loading up the truck.
He said that he had a lot of good pictures of the organ back in its heyday.
He's going to email me copies!
Yay! at least now I'll have an idea of what this thing looked like.

Annnnnnnd, we still have to go back to get the rest....

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