Friday, February 15, 2013

Underdeck Bike Storage 2

Okay, been doing a little thinking about the under deck storage idea.
To review, we want to turn this long dark, head bumping, low overhead section of deck into useful storage.

My best idea so far is sorta a humongous pantry pull out for bicycles that could maybe look something like this.
Probably shouldn't of drew that in red pen....

Current Best Idea
Enclose the deep pocket above using the existing deck framing.
Make it water, critter and thief proof.
The front 'door' of the bike pullout will form the front of the 'cabinet'.
The door will lock securely to the deck framing.
The pull out will be made with simple angle iron (possibly old bed frames).
Using two angle iron pieces welded close enough together so that the bike tires fit in between them.
So each horizontal rung in the picture above will hold one bike.

Still To Solve
I need a way to keep the bikes upright so they don't domino everywhere when the pantry is pulled in and out.

The Mother Of All Caster Wheels
Check this baby out.
YEARS ago, I bought a ton of these surplus...They are crazy beefy.
That plate is ~10# of some kind of stainless steel!

They've got pneumatic cylinders and a cool heim joint. The axle for the wheel even rides on a sintered bronze bearing.
I plan to discombobulate these and use the cylinder and heim joints for some Halloween craziness and just use the wheels/yoke for the bike pull out.

Theres one little problem though.
I don't know how to remove this split pin to free up the heim joint.

Anybody have any ideas on how to remove these pins?

So, that's what I got so far.
Comments? Questions?

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Mom said...

Sounds like a good idea. You could probably use a similar idea for gardening tools, too.