Friday, March 22, 2013

Finally! Some Design Sketches!

I am going to blame the goofines of this post on the fact that I had a 'Please God Shoot Me' migraine and am still under the influence of the migrane meds.

That being said, here we go.

Solyndra Art Project Design Sketches

Idea #1
I remembered this picture of a fossil proto-bird.
Recreate the skeleton using metal and hammer-form the skull, large bones...give it an honest 3-D bone shape. It will be about 6' tall and free standing on a pedastal.
I'm thinking that the solyndra tubes could work as the wings in the bones.

Maybe it could look a little like this.
I really apologize for my horrible photo-shop skills...(wait til you see my sketching by hand skills).
The purple lines are the tubes and the red lines would be red EL wire outlining the statue at night with maybe a couple of red LED spots uplighting the statue.
To catch reasonable light the statue would have to be aligned so the tubes faced south.
At night it would look reasonably demonic all lit in red.

Idea #2
Tubes As Roots
In this idea the 'plant' is made with copper and maybe the tubes could look like the roots.
Inside each flower will be three yellow random flicker LEDs and a small spray of fiber-optics.

Idea #3
Tubes as Stamen..
Baby Madmadscientists favorite flower is the stargazer lily.

A real lily looks like this.

My impossibly horrible sketch looks something like this.
In this idea it would be one HUGE flower with the Solyndra tubes acting as the stamen..or pistles I forget which is which. On the end of the stamen where the large glop of pollen goes I want to remake it with crackle plastic and three flickering LED's.
In this idea only the ends of the stamen light you think it needs more lighting?

I've got four more ideas that I'll save for a later post. We'll see how the reaction to this one turns out.

Need An Idea
I want to do a scultpure that is kinetic. The tubes power a DC motor and the thing moves when the sun is out....cept I have no idea what to do...Anybody got any ideas?

Please be kind, I am baring my soul a bit here...well my heavily medicated soul.

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