Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pipe Boxes

I built these a while ago but I thought I should post about them so that the pipe organ nuts will get off my case about how I was miss-treating the metal pipes ;)

Wow! Do I have a ton of pipes......

Building Boxes
Pipe organ pipes are kept in 'pipe organ pipe' (theres gotta be a better way to say that) boxes. I think I'll call them POP boxes. A nice PON (that's pipe organ nut) sent me plans on how to build them which I completely ignored and did my own thing....

The boxes consist of a half sheet of 1/2" plywood and some 1by6"s glued and screwed together to make an open top box.

Finished Box
A finished box! The first one of many....

Then it was sort the pipes fill a box build another box fill it and on and on. I honestly didn't realize how many pipes I had until I organized more than I can use for sure...

Now, exciting pictures of POP's in boxes! Woo!

Probably should of used 1by8"s so I could of fit bigger pipes in the boxes.
Can you read the sides of the boxes? I've got two sets of Melodia pipes, Dulc, Salc, Fl Har, ST Dia.
What I thought was interesting is that the wood pipes from the Hinners Tracker Organ all had some tiny metal pipes as part of their rank.

Of course after everything was stacked and layered I found a metal pipe for a set that was completely buried.

After I stacked and boxed all the 'little' sized pipes I was able to organize the 'big' pipes.
These pipes do not have any identifying marks that I could see. These are also the pipes that suffered the most from the leaking roof.

Leaning Tower of POPs
Most of these pipes are so darn huge that I have no idea how I could produce enough wind to make them 'speak'. I'd bet those big ones on the bottom would make house shaking bass.

Here's a cool thing about these unknown POPs.

They've all got these, uh, built-in valves.
With all the POPs sorted I was able to organize the façade pieces a bit.
I wish I was able to save more...did I mention how the monkeys that took this thing apart used crow bars instead of unscrewing ANYTHING? Freaking hate those guys...

Façade Pieces

These façade pieces pictures were supposed to be a single panorama shot but somehow I screwed that up....the camera is smarter than I am......

Next Up
A paying Halloween gig?!?!


Anonymous said...

We call them 'pipe trays'.

Auntie Sue said...

Have we played on the phrase "pipe dream" yet?

The MadScientist said...

Okay thankyou pipe trays it is...

No no pipe dream jokes yet Auntie Sue.