Thursday, July 11, 2013


And now a post that won't get me sued......
We have Real For-Real Pumpkins!! And Lemons!!!

Our super-special friends at Casa Decrepit gave us a Meyer Lemon tree for the Summer Solstice!
Isn't that nice of them?
Solstice Lemon Tree
 It's even got yellow suns on it! Yay!!!! Happy Solstice!!!! and yay!!!!! we're not the only people in Alameda without a Meyer Lemon now!

A while ago momma and baby madmadscientist planted ALL the pumpkins seeds from last years carved pumpkins.  I'm talking A LOT of seeds probably over 100.

Check out our sidewalk strip pumpkin patch.

Some of the plants are looking a little sickly...

Folks were letting their dogs poop and pee here for a lot longer than they should of.
We put up these little signs to gently discourage them.
Now people read the sign and go, 'Awwwww' and don't let their doggies do their business there.

We've got a couple of truly big whoppers already.

That middle pumpkin is already as big as some we carved last year....don't know how big its going to be come October...

Some tool already stomped on one of the pumpkins...

What we shoulda done.
We had this brilliant idea too late....
Look how awesome this looks. Pumpkins are a vine and we can train them up our cemetery fence!
Its too late because you can't transplant pumpkins...
Next year we'll plant the seeds all along the fence.
Then we'll train them up the fence and hopefully get to cover most of it with vines and pumpkins.
How freaking awesome is that going to look at Halloweentime?
Supper Fricken Awesome!

First person who tells me my wife has great melons is going to get a pop in the mouth!


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