Sunday, July 28, 2013

Spider Project Update-Almost Finished!

Lots of progress on the Spider Project this past week.
We are in fact, dang near done with it! Hurray!!!!!

Here's pics of the 'final' leg moving mechanism.
I hope y'all will see a big difference between these and the plastic and wood prototypes.

The new followers on a real shaft with UHMW plastic bushings.

The followers and the new cam.

The UHMW plastic cam

We used 1/2" tubing as the shaft.
The shaft will ride on these two, two-bolt flange bearings.

And Now Finally Pics of the Finished Mechanism!!! YAY!!!! HURRAYY!!!!
 This is the windshield wiper motor that powers the thing.

 Cams and springs oh my!

 Pincher mechanism.

Don't worry the spider itself is sitting on an old heater. That is not part of the prop...

Now, see the spider mechanism in action!!

I have also been working on the lighting for the prop.
Here is the cool little LED waterproof spot light I am using.

Now you're not going to throw an intensely bright colored light across a giant room but for $13 they are going to work great as spooky up lighting for all of our props.

Here's a video of the light in action.
 You know I like the disco setting best.....

Along with the spot light there will be two little strobes that fire when the prop is activated.

Here's a little video showing them in action.
The 4-bar lifter mechanism.
I still have to flat black this entire assembly.
I'm really pleased with how this lifter turned out. It has a nice tight movement with zero slop.
We used bronze bushings everywhere and Teflon washers elsewhere.

The 4-bar lifter in action!
Ya I know I say in the video that it runs on 4psi...what I meant to say was 40psi which
is also what the pinchers like to run on.

Whew, okay now I gotta get back to finishing this thing...

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