Saturday, August 10, 2013

Final Spider Project Post.......I swear....

Well, its with mixed emotions that we bid adieu to the animatronic spider. Its been fun Wolfy(our nickname for it) but its time to go to your new home.

But First Some Pictures Of How The Spider Breaks Down For Travel

Standard Spider

All Cords and Widgets Wrapped Up

Spider Removed
It takes two bolts to remove spider and the airlines and electrical fittings are color coded so it can't be 'cross wired'.

Out Riggers Removed
The out riggers bolt to the plywood base with two 3/8" bolts per side.

Everything easily fits into my tiny truck bed.
But of course we couldn't resist one last series of animations.
These are the new final ambient modes and scare modes of Wolfy.

The client had a really great idea for the scare sequence. He wanted the chittering sound to start to get louder like the spider was getting angry. Then have it get more and more angry until it leaps up to get you. I think it makes the prop more interesting.

Final Scare Sequence

The client did not want the spider always making noise so we changed the ambient animation to be 15sec on and 15sec off.

New and Final Ambient Sequence.

Bye Bye Wolfy...sniff....

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