Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spider Project Done!!!......almost....

Well...with this spider being a one off prototype it seems like the tweaking will never end...but.

Its done, its done and its FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!
If I don't say so myself.

Check out these pics and most importantly videos!!!

Side Shot
Spooky lavender!!! We haven't flat blacked it yet either.
This is the general setup LED up-light, two strobes and a motion sensor.

Front View
The business end.

Front Shot of Tower of Power
Yes we need to work on cleaning up the wiring.
The tower holds all the electronics, speaker and power supplies.

Rear Shot of Tower of Power
Yea and we have to cut the airlines to size also...

Creepy Night Shot
Wow, isn't that little LED spotlight pretty great? Did I mention how happy I am with the spot light purchase? Waterproof, color changing, brighter than I thought it would be all for $13.

Spazzy Night Shot
Just because. Well there is a lot of motion in the arms.

Videos!!! Woo-Hoo!!!

Daytime Ambient Mode
The controller I'm using has a pretty cool feature called ambient mode. You can program a separate audio track and trigger one of the outputs. For this project the ambient mode is a chittering sound and the jaws clap together randomly. The idea is that people will not see the spider right away but the chittering sound and the sound of the clacking fangs will draw them in and then via the motion sensor they soil their shorts with the main scare.

Daytime Startle Mode
 What acting! Sign that girl up to a contract!

Night Time Baby!
 I think this looks awesome. With the strobes going it makes it look like the spider is moving even more than it is, which is quite a lot. Yes the stupid air compressor kicks in at exactly the wrong time.

We've been durability testing the prop for the last couple of days. We had to rework a couple of the leg joints and I added a plywood stiffener to the base. Other than that it looks pretty solid.

Did I mention.....

Damn I'm Pleased With How This Thing Turned Out!!!!!

This is the most complicated widgety-doo that I've ever made and I'm just so glad that it turned out well.

Now Taking Orders!
Want to absolutely blow away every other house on your block? Want to be legendary with the neighborhood kids? Order one of these spiders and you'll be a Halloween God in your neighborhood.

I've figured out all the issues, know how to do it now and where to source all the widgets and can turn another one around much, much quicker.
Email me, lets talk.

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Mom said...

Looks really cool -- and scary. I'll bet you're glad it's done.