Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Ultimate Haunt-Nerd Accessory

I've gotta say, I'm super excited about the newest addition to our Halloween décor.

Hey, what's that under the drop cloth?

Its a real for-real solid wood coffin!
Yep, the neighbors are concerned...

Check it out.

Okay so its not in perfect condition. It needs a little touching up on the wood and the fabric from the base is missing and it needs a little tweaking in some parts.

ahh-hummmm, excuse me...

Yay-Hurray I have a Real Coffin Yay-Hurray I have a Real Coffin!!!!

The coffin even came with two stands.

Boring Stand

Fancy Stand

Fancy Stand Boo-boo...
I think that the broken part is cast Aluminum so I should be able to get that welded back together...I hope. Cause this stand is waay more fancy than the working stand.

Gotta tell this story

The picture above is exactly how I brought the coffin home from deep in the heart of the West O ghetto. You should of seen the double takes I got from folks...sooo funny...wish I would of had a camera with me.

Okay, okay, okay, no more of this Halloween Goofballness.

What's up next?
Lots and lots of HVAC

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Ragnar said...

That reminds me of my cousin! He works as an undertaker and when some coffins couldn't be used he simply took two of them home and stored them in his parents' basement!

IIRC new environmental laws came into effect, banning some paints or other finishes from being interred, so the finished coffins couldn't be used for their intendend purpose and would have been trashed if he hadn't saved them.