Monday, December 16, 2013

A Snarky Post About Real Estate

Okay, so, its been a while since I've written anything about the local Real Estate scene.
All the Realtors in town are missing me super bad sooooooo.....

Here is a screen shot from Craig's List Real Estate Section for all the houses for sale in
I know, not super readable but the point is check out how many listings there are.
Know how many listings are for actual houses for sale in Alameda?
Out of 30 listings only five of those CList ads appear to be for actual houses
for sale with the ad being put up by the listing Realtor.
Putting on my math hat for a minute, that means that only 16% of the listings are real...

The rest is just garbage.
Garbage like this.
Honestly, is someone going to look at this ad with the incorrect English and be like,
'Ya, he's definitely the guy for me??'  Maybe he's a great Realtor, I don't know. But
I would definitely not choose this person based solely on this add...

Which BTW, Isn't the Real Estate for sale section on Clist just supposed to be about
Real Estate for sale? Not people pimping themselves? Didn't they get rid of the section?

The vast majority of the noise looks like this.

$635000 Great deal in Alameda, Come to the East End (alameda)
0BR apartment
Three ways to access this listing :
#1 - Cut & Paste this search URL into your browser:
#2 - Reply to this ad and we will send you the email link and Information about the house for sale
#3 -- The old fashioned way. . ...Call or text us at 925-286-7112 and let us know how we can
assist you with your property search.

Simon Watson- Keller Williams Realty
Realtor Bre 01881304
925-286-7112........ 510-859-4773

Market Update: November 26th,
NOV 26th Closed a Cal Vet Loan Today in 20 days.
NOV 5th. .We just got out latest VA Client into contract, we beat 6 other offers
including an ALL Cash Deal, Closing Dec 5th
Our Team Has Sold Over 31 Homes In The Last Twelve Months. Call
Us Today If You Are Considering Buying or Selling a home.
I love the fact that the links aren't even real.
Cut and paste...really?
Annnnd who clicks on links anymore that look like that?
Sure, I'll click on the hidden link, I'm sure it won't go to a virus-malware filled

I bet I'm not the only person who is annoyed by this nonsense.
Maybe the realty company hired some company in India to 'aggressively'
market them.....I don't know...

Readers, Alameda house searchers....does this nonsense turn you off as much as it does me?
Honestly, if CList doesn't get on the stick and do something about it I bet all the legitimate ads
are going elsewhere....

Sorry CList you know I love you (a bit too much) but this is just ridiculous.

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