Friday, December 13, 2013

HVAC Madness!!!

The first of many catch-up posts.

Holy Moly Batman have we been doing a lot of HVAC work.

Because our stupid network attached storage drive also chose to fritz out on us at about the same time my computer went belly up you're going to have to imagine the following sequence.

Hey, look, its the old furnace room, lets demo the entire heating system and remove it.
Yay, that was fun.
Then a LOT of work (and money) later...

Here's the close-to-being-finished furnace room.
We took out one old over sized furnace and in its place are two new two stage condensing furnaces.
One furnace is for the basement apartment the other is for the main floor of our unit.

Take a look at all of that sheet metal work! Lucky for me (not him) a good friend of ours who is a custom car fabricator got laid off work just as I was about to start this project, he's a good with the sheet metal.

Question: Since I am a madscientist and he works for me, does that make him my minion? Or how about my Igor? When he's not working very well he's my mexi-can't. Is that going to get me in trouble with the PC police?

We built the furnace stands, and figured out how to do all that crazy ducting in as small a space as possible. The vents on the sides are the intakes and on top of the furnaces is the uh, out-take? We never could decide what to call that.

Shot of the two trunk lines headed towards the back of the house.
We had Golden Gate Sheet Metal make up the rectangular trunk lines because on this stupid coast nobody stocks the Midwest or Northeast these things are standard, not here...

Closer up shot of the duct craziness.
We had to do a lot of custom on the spot metal work to make all this fit.

If you peak behind the furnaces you get.

The intake manifold for the basement apartment.

A shot looking through the basement intake plenum.
We did it like this so the furnace would pull air from both sides of the apartment.

The furnaces have to be vented with 2" PVC.
Here's how we decided to have them penetrate the one hour fire barrier.
Then they run inside a joist bay.
 And exit on the exterior wall in these cool dual concentric vents. I think its a much cleaner look than four separate pipes sticking out of the wall with elbows on them.

Here are the two trunk lines that run towards the front of the house.
The branch ducts come off the top of the plenums so the entire branch runs are all contained within the joist bays.

Still many problems to solve.
Like how to get two trunk lines through this much space.
Yep, all that plumbing is just exactly right in our way!!!!
We're going to have to move the gas line and the sewer stack we believe.

That's it for now.
Next up, (maybe) painting, or Halloween or...

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JIm R said...

Supply Air and Return Air are the ducts out of and into the furnace.
Looks nice!