Monday, December 16, 2013

HVAC Post #2 Almost Done!

When we last left the HVAC saga everything had come to a halt because we couldn't
figure out how to get the two trunk lines through this opening.

Here is our admittedly kludgy solution.
Ya, I know. We did some custom tweaking to the 8by8 trunk line for the
one system and went down to 8" semi-rigid for the other.

Here's how it looks after it comes through the wall.

We used 6" branch ducts made of alum-a-flex semi-rigid ducting.

I know that what we've shown is not 100% ideal but its the only way that
two non-pros could figure out how to do it.

But ya know what? The parts of the house that were always cold before
are now nice and warm.
The ladies of the household really, really, like the new vents in the bathrooms.
Ahhhhhh, warm bathrooms.

As for that dang gas line....
Moving that stupid line out of the way caused a major reconfiguring and
re-running of gas lines for the entire house!

 So much fun....
Are we done yet?
Almost, we have to finish supporting the duct runs and insulating the plenums
and then, of course, have it inspected...

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