Monday, December 16, 2013

Making Halloween

We had several make-parties at our place the first couple weekends of October.
We really didn't have a hard set theme except that 'skeletons invade the pumpkin patch'.

We have boxes and boxes and boxes of skeletons, both human and animal and many, many
bags of random bones.

The folks that came over to help got this direction, ' See those bones there? Make something cool out of them!'

Our last pumpkin

We picked them all, 8 in all, for the kids to decorate.

Even got someone to untangle the 'pumpkin vines'.

Artists hard at work.

It ended up being a loooong day, ahem....

Art Harder!

Annnd the young'uns lasted about an hour before it was tea time.

This piece ended up being one of the coolest. Like a pre-historic dragon skeleton or something.

Trying to figure out the front yard....I have to be the man with the plan...

Bony chandelier making.
That's a couple weekends of fun/work.
We got to eat pizza at the end of every work day so, you know, it was
totally worth it.....

Next Up:
All Done Halloween Decoration Pictures!

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