Sunday, December 15, 2013

Super Duper Victorian Exterior Restoration part 1

This post could be subtitled,
A Paint Job Only An Insane Person Would Agree Too

Since the end of August we've had a crew of painters helping me prep the house for paint.....
We've been removing the paint inch by inch by inch, with heat guns and carbide scrapers.

We followed lead safe rules all the way. Plastic tarps entombing the areas we are working in.
Then during the day the paint glop gets swept into a hazardous waste container. At the end of the day we hepa vac off all the plastic, then roll it up tightly for reuse and then we hepa vac'd off the surrounding area just to be double safe. Our mantra has always been, paint chips only on the tarp.
As far as I know there has never been a release of lead paint dust, chips into the environment at large.

The Painting Methodology
First we take as much paint off as we can with the heat guns and scrapers.
Second, we Jasco every single inch of the exterior of the building.
Then on the now lead free building we did a light sanding with orb sanders.
This is the time where all the dry rotted trim is fixed, missing trim is fabricated and things are put back the way we think they should of been in the beginning.
Then, the entire house is coated with a layer of penetrating epoxy from Smith&Co.
Then on goes a quality oil based primer.
Caulking wherever its needed.
Two coats of color finally.

I've heard it said that a good paint job is 90% prep.
Check Out This Prep Work

All of the following shots are after just heat scraping.

 One of the great things I like about these guys
is that they do the entire bottom 10' of house before they call for the scaffolding. Why pay for scaffolding when you don't really need it?

South Side of House

 Crap new wood next to the old growth redwood.
Gee, which type would you pick to build a
house out of?

Fugly, Those BS boxes below those BS Ionian
 Big Front Window.
 The house was red at one point.
 Porch Ceiling.
The wood here is just gorgeous...
 More Porch

North Side

The above shots was how the house looked the morning that the scaffolding company came.

Up Next:
Wait till you see how absolutely beautiful the old growth redwood looks after its stripped fully and sanded....


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