Monday, December 16, 2013

Super Duper Victorian Exterior Restoration part 2

Okay now, a ton of time has passed since the last post about the exterior restoration.
We are now done with the Jasco'ing, and mostly done with the sanding.
The dark spots you see are where we sealed nail holes with the epoxy.

Now, Tons O Pics Of the Most gorgeous Wood That's ever going to be covered by paint.

 Dentil, how do I love thee.

Here is the porch ceiling in the middle of being sanded.

 The porch ceiling looks so amazing that we are going to clear coat it.
It sees no weather and no direct sunlight so it should look good and last.

At some point in the houses life the redwood trim was removed on the lower
windows and they put up knotty pine.
We replaced all the crap wood with clear western red cedar. Which we
think is as close as you can get to old growth redwood now-a-days.

Love these shingles.

Here is some dry rot we are repairing on the corner of the stage between the two windows.

Original flashing, still in good shape.

Wow, I really love how this looks.

So, there you have it, way to many pictures of my house.

Youch, my arms are tired...


Joel said...

Wow! It must have taken some serious time to get the paint out of all those nook and crannies in that beautiful trim work. Did they do all that with just heat guns?

The MadScientist said...

Not just heat guns but plenty of Jasco and tools like dental picks.