Tuesday, December 17, 2013

We Finally Found Something Cool In Our Walls

Nope, not old half drunk miller-lites.

An old ad from Alameda Municipal Power for electric ranges.

Check it out
Click on the pic to read the breathless ad copy.
They even used double exclamation points!! Yahooo!!

Some awesome quotes;
'all recipes turn out far better, far tastier, Local women tell us so.'
'Last spring electric rates in Alameda were reduced to 1c k.w.h.'
Wow, can you imagine only paying one cent a kilo-watt-hr.

The back page of the ad uses peer pressure.
I wish our house was featured in an ad like this. That way we could
see what the place looked like back in the day.
We still have not been able to locate any pictures of our house in its
original shape....

I found this ad while taking care of the dry rot issues. It was just inside the wall.

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