Sunday, December 15, 2013

Yay DryRot!!!

In a load bearing wall!! Yay!!

Here is what the outside of the wall looked like when I pulled off the siding.

I might not be an expert but I don't think
that looks super good.
From the inside it looked like this.
See that lead pipe right there?
See all the dry rot around it?
One joist bay over...

See that freaking pipe on the roof
up hill a bit from the chimney?
That pipe is connected all the way through
the house.
Then, a some point some jackass just cut
the bottom of it and left it in the walls....

After yanking out all the punky wood the
wall looked like that.
Not a lot of meat left on those joist ends...
So an untold about of rain water must of been dripping down
the pipe and rotting the wood out underneath.
I'm betting that if the wood wasn't old growth doug fir that
the damage would of been a lot

This is what the studs for the wall of the house looked like.
There is supposed to be a 2by4 there where theres just a little twig of wood...

Here's the big pile of crap wood I scraped out of the area.

See that window on the right.
It was set into the wall so wonky that we had to
pull it out and set it correctly.

Check out the awesome 1"+ of caulk they used on the trim
on the above window!
That's quality stain grade work right there.

Here's a look at the repair I did.
I sistered on select structural 2by10's to each of the rotted joists.
The repair appears to be pretty robust with the floor above the area feeling much firmer.


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