Sunday, January 5, 2014

Exterior Wood Restoration

Besides stripping the wood and getting it ready for paint we have been replacing missing trim.

The Problem
Do you see the area of horizontal siding that runs below the four window bay window on the
right on the second floor.

Something about this area never read right to us....turns out there was a darn good reason.
somebody stripped off the shingles and carved up the window trim.
The shingles were replaced with this, osb fake siding board you see above.
This b.s. replacement was soaking up water and turning to mush, as wet OSB does....

The Solution
Lots and lots of custom trim......yay.

Check out these gorgeous pics of the new shingles.

 Pretty right?

Now, notice the trim above and below the shingled area, that's all new.
The crazy thing about the new trim? It follows the original curve.

Curved Trim

That curved trim had to be cut out of some BIG chunks of wood.

Scroll Work
The house has/had some pretty scroll work that has rotted away or was removed when they did the
asbestos siding.

Original Scroll Work


Some replacement plinth blocks

One of the new rosettes

This house had built-in redwood gutters here you can see a hole for the downspout.

We also put some trim on the edge of the 'stage' between the two bay windows.

Lots and lots and lots of epoxy was used.

Next Up: The Final Color's Have Been Chosen!!!


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