Saturday, February 1, 2014

Finally......Some Halloween Pics

Okay, Okay, Okay,
Here is a very small selection of pictures of our Halloween Decorations.
Every year we get a TON of people walking up into the yard to take
pictures of our decorations. A LOT of the time these people appear to
be professional photographers.
Not a single one of them has EVER shared with us the photos they've
taken of all of our hard work........Until Now!

Thank you Wendell DeLano Photographer for sharing the following
pictures with us. And wow, I must say they are pretty nice.

Half of an All Over Shot
 Here's a shot that shows the crazy skeleton monster creations. Some of the path
and in the top corner on the ground you can just see the interactive video. You
could squash zombies by stepping on them.

Singing Pumpkins and a Surprise
Here's the fab coffin. It was set up next to the path on the way out. Behind the
coffin are the singing pumpkins from last year in a new spot...the perfect

Bob Took A Holiday
Since the skeletons invaded the pumpkin patch this Bob, the giant floating
floating head of doom, took the month of. In his place was Boogie Bones
a giant skeleton head that likes to dance.

Creepy Pumpkins on Pillars

Skeleton On The Scaffolding

Sorry, that's it for now.


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