Friday, March 28, 2014

Grumble, Grumble, Halloween, Grumble.......

Yes its true, I love Halloween waaaay to much.
But sometimes, usually a couple days before Halloween my mood
is more like this.

'Arrrrrgh!!!! stupid Halloween, stressing me out, taking too much
time and money and damn people are greedy demanding bastards

'How much did you pay for this experience?'
'Oh, nothing?'
'Yet you want to complain about how its not different enough from
last year, or that you had to wait in line soooooooo long.'

'BITE ME!!!!!!!!!'

'Stupid Halloween, I hate it. Next year we're going to take a month
long vacation in October and just miss the whole thing! Ya, that's it,
a month in Hawaii'

But then I find this taped to my front door one morning after Halloween.



Its from a neighborhood kid who apparently likes the 'Floating Head of
Doom-Bob' digital puppet.

Better than this years 'Boogie Bones' digital puppet.

I talked to her mom who claims the entire idea was the daughters.
So, damn-it, guess I'm going to do the whole big shebang up again
next year.....with Bob.

Disappointing children is my kryptonite....

Annnnnd yes, I got a little misty when I read the note.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Check Out Our Paint Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not sure that, that's enough exclamation points.
The never ending six month ordeal is finally coming to an end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And it is really, truly about F'ing time......

Okay enough with the blah, blah, blah here are some pictures.
It was raining quite heavily so don't complain about the picture quality.
I got soaked all the way through to my underpants getting these pics.

Here they are removing the netting.

Most of the scaffolding down.

The house, Chez Neumansky, The Purple Palace.
 Man are my front steps fugly...

I really like how good the 'just a little bit of green looks.
And, wow, the little bit of silver leafing we did really stands out (even on an
overcast day).

Here is my attempt to get a good pic of the silver leafed sunburst. Mostly
you can just see rain.

Pretty fish scales and that window had no trim around it before.

Rain and purples...jeez my downspouts and gutters look nasty.

More raindrops and pretty purple trim.

Here is one of the best things about the scaffolding coming down.
Even though its raining cats this is the most light we've seen through these windows
in six months....

Friday, March 14, 2014

A Painting Sneak Peak

Well, its been almost six month of having our house covered in scaffolding and black netting.
WE ARE DONE with the done. Happily it looks like they have a week left tops!

Pictures of the house don't come out with the scaffolding up so here are some small detail shots
to whet your appetites.

A purple door to the downstairs apartments.

 One of the windows to the downstairs apartments with new flashing and a lot of slop.
I am told they will clean this up.

This shows one of the many new hooded casings they built.

Here's the coffin window. the top and bottom trim are completely new.
What's that ya see in the corner?

Its part of our gorgeous porch ceiling.

Nother shot of the L shape porch ceiling.

Even the hideous columns turned out super nice.

Close up of an 'in progress' rosette.



Pretty flowers, leaves

Several pretties in one.

Bottom of Window-all new


Top of the same window.

Pretty, that center rosette is the only one on the house like that.

Purple, purple, purple.

This is the very top of the house pediment.
Purple flowers, green leaves.

The BIG DENTAL I kinda want to paint this two toned or something...

This is a shot of the large curd cottage cheese. Its painted the darkest purple but its not
showing up in this shot?

Okay, that's it for now. Hopefully we'll have the 'Big Reveal' soon.