Friday, March 28, 2014

Grumble, Grumble, Halloween, Grumble.......

Yes its true, I love Halloween waaaay to much.
But sometimes, usually a couple days before Halloween my mood
is more like this.

'Arrrrrgh!!!! stupid Halloween, stressing me out, taking too much
time and money and damn people are greedy demanding bastards

'How much did you pay for this experience?'
'Oh, nothing?'
'Yet you want to complain about how its not different enough from
last year, or that you had to wait in line soooooooo long.'

'BITE ME!!!!!!!!!'

'Stupid Halloween, I hate it. Next year we're going to take a month
long vacation in October and just miss the whole thing! Ya, that's it,
a month in Hawaii'

But then I find this taped to my front door one morning after Halloween.



Its from a neighborhood kid who apparently likes the 'Floating Head of
Doom-Bob' digital puppet.

Better than this years 'Boogie Bones' digital puppet.

I talked to her mom who claims the entire idea was the daughters.
So, damn-it, guess I'm going to do the whole big shebang up again
next year.....with Bob.

Disappointing children is my kryptonite....

Annnnnd yes, I got a little misty when I read the note.

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