Friday, May 30, 2014

Bike Rack Idea 2

Electric Bugaloo

After doing some more impaired thinking on the bike rack subject I realized that the
initial design had some serious drawbacks.
Then, it occurred to me, what if I thought more like 'giant pantry pull-out' where the
super beefy full extension drawer slides are mounted to the top and bottom of the
pull-out, not the sides?

Pantry Pull-Out Bike Rack Idea
 In this version the rack is made out of Ipe, metal, and wheels.
I would build a lockable weather tight 'cabinet' to go with this crazy
pantry pull-out.
Now all I need is 12' full extension drawer slides....

Ipe Drawer Slides
 Here's my initial idea for the top drawer slide or track. Ipe is crazy dense, slick
wood that slides against itself very easily. I wonder if I could get the tolerances
above correct for smooth movement year round as the wood slightly changes
size with the relative humidity.

Bottom Track
Here is my idea for the bottom track. With the wheels mounted to the rack they
bear the weight of the rack/bikes. This way the tracks don't need to be built strong
enough to handle the full weight.

Ipe Construction
Left over from a zillion year ago deck project I happen to have several Ipe deck boards.
I have some 5/4 by 6 by 20' pieces and some 1by4 by 20' pieces.
Working with Ipe is not very different than working with metal. I'm thinking to
through-bolt the 4 track pieces together with counter-sunk bolt heads.

I've also got a crate of these little wheels.

and a bunch of steel.....
Wouldn't have to buy much to do it....

In Other News
Got an almost free table saw the other day!
Its a bit of a project....I need to do some rust prep and to assemble it but its
a beast, all cast iron with a real 3hp 220V motor. Baby madmadscientist is already
excited about the secret bookcase door I'm going to build her with it.


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