Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Under Deck Bike Storage Part 2

Hello Everybody!
All three of you, sorry for the 'long time no post'. I really jacked my back
up and haven't been able to do anything much....

Now that the drug haze has cleared a bit I'm in too much pain to do physical
work but I can design!

Yay!!!, designing on opiates!

Bike Storage Idea
Giant sliding rack
Want to have safe, weather protected storage for all of ours and our tenants bicycles.

Here's my idea for the 'big bicycle pantry' pull out rack idea.
It will take a space slightly larger than 12' by 6' but it will store 12 bikes, I think.
The idea is, unlock and open the barn doors, grab the rack and pull it out to the
left to access the bikes.

Bike Post Idea
This is basically a 4by post with four adjustable hooks to catch the top
tubes of the bikes. Two bikes per post.

Make structure out of wood, metal or both?
How strong is strong enough?
Will the tabs and guide wheels be enough to keep the rolling rack aligned?
Can this be done so that it is reasonably rugged and idiot proof?

1 comment:

Auntie Sue said...

Looks neat! Once you determine the materials you will be using, is there anyway to calculate how heavy the rack would be to pull out? Unless you have a ball-bearing sort of wheel, and assuming you aren't going to mechanize the railing, I would think this would be very heavy to just "pull out." Are your tenants as strong as you and Irene? Would you be able to pull it when your back goes out? Which I hope, gets better soon!